How Does It Work?

How It Works

How It Works

Ultimately, you want the best retirement plan for your employees and your company, but as a small business, you don't have the buying power of large companies, but you can. It's called an Association Retirement Plan, also known as a multiple employer plan.

You join your company's plan with those of other companies to form a much larger plan. By doing this, you get a simpler, more cost-effective program with less effort.

Here's how it works. Professional administrators oversee the plan and accept legal responsibility and accountability for doing so. This means your name comes off the Master plan documents allowing you to outsource the fiduciary responsibility and liability for the management of your plan.

A group plan streamlines plan management with a single plan document. Plan administration and paperwork are dramatically minimalized. That means you're left with a much smaller set of chores and responsibilities.

You save time and labor, two of your most precious resource, so you can spend more of your time running your business.

Your employees get the benefit of a high-quality retirement program complete with professional investment management and access to the most cost-effective investment options normally only available to the largest companies.